How much does a
house clearance cost?

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We do things a little bit differently at Adelphi House Clearance. We give free, individual valuations based on your particular property, meaning we adjust our prices depending on what we see. This is by far the fairest way to operate – if your contents are valuable, we will reduce the price that we charge you. So, in some instances, we have ended up paying our customers for their contents, rather than being paid for our clearance services!

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So how much does house clearance cost?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions – house clearance is an important process and our customers want to understand how much it will cost them.

We would never give a generic valuation over the phone without seeing the property for ourselves.

It’s like asking – how long is a piece of string? The price of a house clearance varies drastically because there are so many factors that will affect it, and it wouldn’t be fair on our customers for us to give a standard price. We need to consider:

  • The size of the house
  • The number of objects that need moving
  • How long the job will take
  • The value of the contents
  • Heavy items that might need special care

These can only be fully considered when we have seen the property in person. We begin any job by booking in a free visit to assess the work and what is required. This won’t cost you a penny, and there is no obligation to go ahead afterwards.

How are our house clearance prices different?

Many house clearance companies will charge a set fee for house clearances. Some will even charge a percentage fee, which can push the price right up. We give individual prices per clearance and will never quote without seeing the property first. This is the only way to give a fair and accurate price.

We appreciate the value of your contents. We will be happy to offer you a fair price for contents that can be sold on. This is something other clearance companies won’t be able to do, because they don’t have our background knowledge. We know what your contents are worth and will adjust our prices accordingly, helping to save you money – we were established in 1972 and use our many years of knowledge to give you accurate prices.

How do you know what my contents are worth?

Adelphi House Clearance is run by Kevin Corneille, a successful antiques dealer. Kevin knows how to identify genuine antiques and understands their value in the marketplace. When putting together a valuation, Kevin will always attend and be on the lookout for any antiques. If anything is identified in your property, we will be happy to pay you a fair price for them, reducing your costs and potentially even removing them completely. Every property is different and Kevin will cast his expert eye over yours to establish a reasonable price.